Get Payment Deferral in all Coop stores

Your company can purchase in all Coop stores and get all purchases on the same invoice. In order to use Coop Corporate Card, a PIN code is applicable. The company can also have several cards associated with the account.

Every company have the opportunity to sign up as a member of Coop and receive purchase dividends, as well as other membership benefits when using Coop Corporate Card. Purchase dividends and membership benefits are in accordance with the rules and regulations associated with the cooperative.

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Benefits of Coop Corporate Cards

  • Up to NOK 300.000 in credit
  • Limitless number of cards associated with each account
  • Fuel discount at Cirkle K and Best: 60 øre per liter on diesel and 57 øre on gasoline, and 100 øre on toll-free diesel*
  • 15 % discount on mobile subscription with Talkmore Bedrift

*20 øre less discount per liter when filling / payment in vending machines / unattended stations