Circle K gives you a comprehensive solution for an efficient, safe and pleasant working day. As a partner in Coop corporate cards, we make it even easier for you to choose smartly. The card is designed to give you the best deals at places you visit often.

Coop corporate card – One card for all the benefits

With the Coop corporate card, you get benefits and good offers on relevant goods and services for your company. Here, your company gets all the benefits in one card rather than having to take out a new card at each place you were to visit. Coop corporate card gives you a good overview of all transactions and can easily be exported directly into the accounts or used for further invoicing. Control has never been easier.

Circle K – your break destination and service partner

If you are a craftsman or work in the service industry, breaks and break food are something you often have to take on the go, from one job to the next. You will usually always find a Circle K nearby – the ideal destination for short and long breaks on the road! All Circle K full-service stations provide you with comfortable break rooms, wifi, good food and drink, washing and fuel for the car, clean toilets – everything you need for a good break. With such good comfort on the road, it’s hard not to treat yourself to a break.
By the way, did you know that the food concept at Circle K has been developed by the chefs in the Flying Culinary Circus? This gives you an extra good reason to take your next break at a local Circle K station. Remember to take a good cup of coffee with you on your way to the next mission!

Finding a Circle K station is easy

Download the CircleK app! It gives you an overview of all the country’s petrol stations, directions to both Circle K and other stations with information on facilities, good offers and news. This makes it easier for you as a Coop member to see where you can use your membership card. In addition, it keeps you up to date on the traffic picture and traffic reports from all over Norway. The application also works as a digital driving record that you can easily transfer to e.g. Excel.

Have a good working day!

Circle K Take it Easy!