Get a fuel discount with a Coop corporate card

Everyone who has a Coop corporate card is guaranteed receipt-free accounting and simpler administration, and you also get a number of other benefits. One of the benefits is discounts at all Cirkle K and Best petrol stations throughout the country.

Man som betaler med Coop bedriftskort

Save money while spending money

Corporate cards with a fuel discount come in handy in industries where there is a lot of driving. For many companies, the car is the work tool itself and in no way an expense that can be omitted completely. But it is still possible to save money on good deals. The corporate card from Coop gives you a fuel discount at fixed rates. It may not seem like much then and there, but when the year comes to an end you quickly see that the amounts you save per filling add up to more in the long term than you think. Especially for companies with many vehicles and a need for frequent fueling. Coop corporate cards simply give you the opportunity to save money, when you still have to spend money.

Easier everyday life – for everyone

Discover how the purchasing routines in your company can become easier and more efficient. For employees, it is easier to deal with just one card, whether they need to buy food, building materials or fill up with petrol. For the administrator, everyday life becomes less complicated, with a full overview of all transactions. And last but not least, the pile of receipts in the office can finally be cleared away. With the Coop corporate card, all transactions are receipt-free.

Fuel discount on all types of fuel

Regardless of whether you use diesel, petrol or industrial diesel, the Coop corporate card gives you the opportunity to fill up the tank at a cheaper price. All types of fuel are covered, at fixed rates. See in the table below how much you save per litre, on your fuel.

Fixed discounts on fuel:*

Diesel 60 øre per litre
Petrol 57 øre per litre
Plant diesel 100 øre per litre

Including VAT

*20 øre lower discount on vending machines/unattended stations.

Do you have an electric car that you need to charge?

The corporate card from Coop also gives you a very favorable electricity agreement, with 100% renewable electricity.