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Coop is a proud partner with Talkmore. As a Coop business customer, you get 15% on your mobile subscription – every month! Order easily here.

About Talkmore Company

Talkmore Bedrift is a reliable mobile company with focus on simplicity and flexibility. The company is convinced that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers, and therefore they are passionate about creating good customer and employee relations. This has led to them being on the top list of Norway’s best workplaces by Great Place to Work. In addition, they top the lists on, Norway’s largest comparison service for services and products.

Talkmore is wholly owned by Telenor, which means that Talkmore customers are always guaranteed full Telenor coverage!

Norway’s fastest mobile network – 6 years in a row!

Based on the users’ own measurements, Telenor’s mobile network has once again been voted Norway’s fastest*. And not only that, the network is also the most stable – and with the best geographical coverage!

*Based on analysis of Ookla®️ Speedtest Intelligence®️ data 2018-1H 2023. Use of Ookla’s trademarks is licensed and reproduced with permission. Perceived speed varies according to capacity and otherconditions

More Talkmore benefits with Coop Benefits Agreement

Mobile switchboard

A missed call can mean a lost business opportunity. With bedriftnett you get a professional solution that looks after your company and your employees.

  • One common number for all inquiries
  • Personal welcome message with which all customers are greeted
  • Opportunity to determine opening hours, and how calls should be routed outside opening hours
  • With the Bedriftsnett app, employees can work professionally regardless of where they are, for just NOK 29 excl. VAT per user.

Full control on My Pages and in the Talkmore app!

On My Pages and in the Talkmore app you can easily manage the customer relationship for the entire company. Administrators can change mobile subscriptions for employees, manage additional services, download invoices and pay invoices with Vipps or bank cards.

The administrator can decide what access each employee should have on My Pages and in the Talkmore app. You can choose between limited access, standard access or administrator. This gives the company the freedom and control you want.

NOK 1,000 mobile discount in the online store

In the online store you can buy brand new mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and accessories. In addition, we have SomNy mobiles, a slightly greener choice – at a good price! All SomNy mobiles have gone through a thorough quality control where all functions are quality assured.

As a Talkmore customer, you get a mobile phone discount of NOK 1,000 when you buy a brand new phone.

Safe with Talkmore Company

In collaboration with HELP insurance, we have launched a completely new ID theft and fraud insurance for the business market. The insurance covers both the company’s need for advice and help in the event of fraud, and the most vulnerable people in the management if they experience ID theft or fraud, both with legal assistance and cover for financial loss.

Secure your company with Trygg Bedrift for only NOK 49/month. Talkmore business customers don’t need to worry, that’s why we’re splurging on the first month!

Free roaming in Europe

Talkmore Bedrift is the only operator in the whole of Norway that includes roaming throughout Europe, and not just in the EU/EEA. Everyone in the company can use their mobile just like at home throughout Europe.

Talkmore Bedrift also offers the market’s most affordable and best calling package to Europe from Norway. Unlimited calls to the whole of Europe for only NOK 49 excl. VAT.

Data control included in all subscriptions

We include the data control service in all our packages, so that the speed is adjusted down when the included amount of data is used up. With data control activated, you avoid surprises on the invoice.

If necessary, the employees themselves can order data packages with Vipp’s payment. As an administrator, you then avoid spending time on this.

Cheap subscription for the family

With us, you should get the most value for money, and certain advantages also benefit the team at home. If the family orders a private mobile subscription, they get up to a full 20% discount – 20% on individual subscriptions and 10% on family subscriptions. All new customers also receive an extra 10 GB as a welcome gift

Customer references

Norway’s Nicest Craftsman 2022

“Company web makes it look professional, and that’s important for my company!”

– There is fast and good customer service, the price is great, the invoices always arrive as promised and it is easy to pay. Another thing that is nice is that we get Data Rollover. My employees use Ring til Europa a lot, and in addition they can get a discount on private subscriptions for the group at home. Both I and they greatly appreciate that!

– The advantage of having a switchboard such as Talkmore Bedriftsnett is that I can separate my private life from my work life, because I can see which calls come into the work context, and that I get an overview of my calls. The most important thing for my business is that it looks professional!

Robin Hundal
Day-to-day manager at Hundal Bygg AS


“Company network makes it easy for customers to get in touch with the right person with us”

Compilo AS’s core value is to be squeak-free, and we are impressed by Talkmore Bedrift’s customer service!

– If we are to be squeak-free, this places demands on our suppliers. We feel that Talkmore Bedrift is a supplier that does its bit to ensure that we can deliver our solutions smoothly to municipalities all over the country. The customer service agents respond quickly and find solutions, not least creative solutions when required!

– Compilo uses the Bedriftsnett mobile switchboard. In an intuitive and automated web solution, we can quickly set up response groups, key selections and voice messages that make it easy for our customers to get in touch with the right people with us. In the Bedriftsnett app, employees can easily choose whether they are available to customers, get an overview of incoming calls, and choose whether they want to call from their own number or the company’s main number. Company network is very easy to use, and it gives our employees a flexible working day while they can be “always” available even if they are not necessarily in the office.

Gaute Haugen
Technical manager at Compilo AS
IT consulting business

Norway’s Nicest Craftsman 2021

“Simple, affordable and reliable”

– If you are concerned with good service, then Talkmore is the right choice!

– We have used many other suppliers in the past where we could get an invoice of 40 pages with an unclear monthly report. At Talkmore we only pay for the monthly price – with no hidden costs.

– We are very pleased that you have a switchboard solution for us. Our customers can call our 22 number, and several of our project managers can be connected at the same time and answer the customer. You manage this yourself on My Page at Talkmore. In addition, I must mention that you always get good help when you call in.

– I had you privately earlier, and was very pleased. As soon as Talkmore started for Bedrift, I was probably the first customer to go over 😊

Hussein El Haddaoui
Day-to-day manager at Norsk Rørservice AS

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Coop bedrift Customer benefits

Coop corporate card is the perfect solution for those who want a simpler working day, less administration and want to say goodbye to paper receipts forever.