Coop Elektro logo

Coop Elektro

Coop Elektro offers appliances, data, audio & video, mobile phones, small electrical products and much more. The product range consists of well-known brands at low prices and good personal service. Coop Elektro has local professionals with good knowledge of the products. Our stores can be found in various locations in Norway, and of course we can deliver the goods directly to your company.

Coop Byggmix logo

Coop Byggmix

With the Coop corporate card, it will be easier for artisan companies and others to use Coop Byggmix as a purchasing point for paint, hardware and other building materials at favorable prices.

Coop Mega logo

Coop Mega

Coop Mega is the supermarket among Coop’s chains. In the shops you will find a wide range of products, a well-stocked fresh produce counter serviced by knowledgeable staff. In the fresh produce counter you will find ready meals for both lunch and dinner, and it is possible to order food both for parties and overtime work. In addition to the fresh produce counter, Coop Mega also has a large selection of good offers every week.

Coop Marked logo

Coop Marked

Coop Marked is the convenience store with a lot of exciting offers every week. A place where the service includes a friendly smile, local history and tips on everything from good hiking areas to bustling fishing lakes. And if we don’t have what you want, we will do everything we can to get it. We also have a number of shops in the towns, where you can get most of what you need right nearby.

Coop Prix logo

Coop Prix

For several decades, Coop Prix has been among Norway’s cheapest grocery chains. At Coop Prix, you can always make a simple and efficient purchase, and in addition to low prices we also have many good deals. Our popular bread deal means that when you buy one of our selected toppings, you get a loaf of bread with the purchase. It’s a good deal for those of you who shop for lunch.

Coop Extra logo


Extra is among Norway’s cheapest grocery stores. The chain is constantly working to ensure that you get the best shopping experience with us. Extra has an exciting and large selection of fresh produce and a tempting fruit and vegetable department. At Extra you also get a varied selection of non-food items in kitchen equipment, disposable services, office supplies, small electrical items, tools and much more.

Obs logo


For companies, it pays to think big and make all purchases in one place. You’ll get that at Obs! Hypermarket. The idea behind it is simple and smart: Gather many shops under one roof, so that you can shop everything in one shopping cart and pay at the same till. Note! The hypermarket always has low prices and many good offers every week.

Obs Bygg logo


With the Coop corporate card, it will be easier for companies to use Obs BYGG as a purchasing point for building materials. Always low prices and good offers on well-known brands, a wide range of products and long opening hours make Obs! Build a natural purchasing point and supply channel for craftsman companies and other professionals.