Coop Corporate Card Benefits

Discounted fuel

With Coop Corporate Card you simplify your company’s purchases. The card can be used for daily purchases in all Coop’s stores, and when used at Circle K, Best or 1•2•3 automatic stations, you also get discount and save money.

Fixed discounts:*

  • Diesel 60 øre per liter
  • Gasoline 57 øre per liter
  • Toll free diesel 100 øre per liter

Including VAT

*20 øre lower discount on vending machines / unattended stations.

Get everything for the office at Maske

Order all of your office supplies and consuming goods at one of Norway’s largest suppliers at very favourable prices at Your purchases are charged to your Coop Business Card, and invoiced in the same way you’re used to with other purchases on Coop stores.

Save money on mobile telephony

Dipper is a mobile company that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. For the third year in a row, EPSI’s independent survey has named Dipper the mobile operator with the most satisfied and loyal customers – and as a Coop Business Card customer you get a 5% discount on all subscriptions.

Simplify the administration

Get a specified overview of your purchases with time, place and other details. You can also specify a purchase reference, such as a project name or purchase order to the cashier and get the reference on your invoice. At My Page, you can check your available amount at any time and get an overview of all purchases.

Up to NOK 300.000 in credit

Coop Corporate Card provides a credit limit up to NOK 300,000 and up to 50 days’ payment delay with no interest. If the invoice is paid in full before the due date, no interest will be added.

No purchase or annual fees

The invoice fee is 59 NOK, and is applied to each invoice. You’ll be invoiced twice a month if you have made any purchases during the period. See all prices.

Multiple cards per account

Your company can have one or multiple agreements with one or multiple cards, depending on your needs. You choose the number of cards when you apply. The credit line is an upper credit limit for the agreement. Make sure that the credit line you are applying for is sufficient for your company. It is possible to apply for an increased credit limit at a later date.