Have you considered that your payment routines affect the working day of the person responsible for finance? Avoid document chaos with invalid receipts and other frustrating pocket debris by introducing good and clear payment solutions.

One way to improve finance managers’ everyday life is to increase the use of Coop corporate cards. If as many of the company’s purchases as possible are made on a Coop corporate card, an invoice with supporting documents will be sent out twice a month. In addition, on “My page” you will also get access to a detailed overview of all purchases, as well as the ID of the cards that have been used for the purchases. In this way, the financial manager can see who has bought what, and when it was bought. Then there can be an end to voucher buzz once and for all.

It is also possible to link several Coop corporate cards to one account. With more cards, it is easier for each individual to use a card for their purchases, and the chance that you will also be able to make use of the fuel discount at Circle K has increased considerably.

Introduce good payment routines straight away and you give the finance manager time and space to do other important tasks for the company, such as looking at the actual purchases that are already being made. Perhaps even more good routines will be found that can save both time and money.

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