Car & Båt Fredrikstad uses the Coop corporate card both to buy building materials and petrol, and highly recommends the card!
Owner Lars Jørgensen accidentally came across information about Coop’s corporate card on the internet last autumn.

– In any case, I shop for building materials at Obs BYGG, and fill up with petrol at Circle K, and discovered that Coop’s corporate card had very good conditions. It is very good to save a few kroner on what you are going to buy anyway, he says. Car & Båt Fredrikstad operates, among other things, in the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.

– It mostly involves painting and refinishing vehicles, furniture, kitchens and beyond, primarily in surface treatment, says Jørgensen.

Good discounts

Lars Jørgensen is a loyal Circle K customer and always fills up his company car there.

– And I have always shopped for building materials at Obs BYGG – as I find that they have very good prices, and now I also get a fuel discount via the corporate card. I like that the card is not a trick to get me to buy more expensive items – I know that I already get the best prices and then it’s just nice to save a little extra, he says.

Clear system

When Jørgensen recently had to refurbish the office part of the company premises, it was only natural to take the corporate card to Obs BYGG with him.

– It’s very good that we get one invoice for everything we buy on the corporate card, so that we don’t have to take care of all the small receipts, which quickly become many, says Jørgensen, who also uses the corporate card to buy food at Coop. It is a very clear system. Once you are a satisfied customer at Coop, it often means that you are loyal to the Coop stores in all areas, he says.

Very satisfied

At Obs BYGG, Jørgensen buys building materials and paint.

– I have an acquaintance who works in Jotun, and had the opportunity to buy paint directly from there, but it turned out that it was cheaper to shop at Obs BYGG, says Jørgensen, who does not hesitate to recommend the corporate card to other companies.

– I am very satisfied, I get good prices, good discounts and a very clear invoice. So I’m very happy that I got Coop’s corporate card, he says.