A practical purchasing card for the industry

Coop corporate card is the invoicing solution that makes everyday life easier for industrial companies all over the country.

Available nationwide

Just like the workplaces in industry, the Coop stores are located all over the country. There is therefore a high probability that you have one of the more than 1,200 Coop stores near your workplace, or on the road between different workplaces.

Wide range of products

With the Coop corporate card, you get access to groceries, building materials, office supplies and much, much more. It can be used in all Coop’s stores, which together offer almost everything you can think of. From food and lunch items, to tools, paint and work clothes. Coop is more than just one store, it offers many opportunities.

Clear accounts

Coop corporate cards are not only easy to use, it is also simple when keeping accounts. All purchases made during the period appear on one invoice, whether you have 1 or 10 cards. It then becomes easy to see both what has been purchased and use it to plan for the future. The invoice also has a 32-day payment deadline, which makes it possible to shop when the need arises and pay when it suits. It provides extra flexibility and good financial conditions, and not least – no bills to take care of. The amount limit of up to NOK 300,000 also makes it possible to use the card for both small, everyday purchases and for larger projects.

Discount on fuel and other benefits

Many industrial companies use the car extensively. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to save as much money as you can? With the Coop Bedriftskort you get fixed discounts on diesel, petrol and industrial diesel at all Cirkle K and Best stations.

Fixed discounts on fuel:*

Diesel 60 øre per litre
Petrol 57 øre per litre
Plant diesel 100 øre per litre

Including VAT

*20 øre lower discount on vending machines/unattended stations.

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Advantages of the Coop corporate card

Always a shop nearby
Coop has more than 1,200 stores across the country. This makes us one of Norway’s largest grocery players.

Access to a wide range of products
You can find almost everything you need for your business in coop’s stores.

Shop by card, pay by invoice
All purchases come on an invoice with a 32-day interest-free payment deferral.

Up to 300,000 in amount limit
Freedom to make both large and small purchases, when you need it.

Overview of all purchases
On Min Page you have full control over all purchases. Which card has been used and what has been purchased.

EHF invoice
The EHF invoice is sent directly to your accounting system. If you mark the purchase at checkout, you will also have this ready, and avoid further manual processing.

More customer benefits

Discount on fuel at Circle K

With the Coop corporate card, you get a simpler and more efficient purchasing routine in the company. The card can be used for daily purchases in all Coop stores. In addition, you can use the card – and save money – at Circle K and Best.

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Entelios logo plassert på bilde av en foss i norsk natur

100% renewable electricity

Together with Entelios, we now offer a very affordable electricity agreement to our Coop corporate card customers. Through management, Entelios trades electricity on behalf of its customers, which results in a low price over time*.

Kvinne hos Talkmore bedrift som ser på mobil og holder en laptop

Discount on mobile telephony

For the sixth year in a row, EPSI’s independent survey has named Talkmore Bedrift the mobile operator with the most satisfied and loyal customers – and as a corporate card customer you get a 15% discount on all subscriptions.