When Stiftelsen Fossumkollektivet in Valnesfjord buys food for the patients or refuels the institution’s three vehicles, the corporate card from Coop is always used.

– Because it’s simply really easy!

That’s what department manager Christine Aarvik says at the Fossum collective in Fauske municipality. The department opened last autumn and is part of a nationwide drug addiction institution. And for as long as the department has existed, the employees have used Coop corporate cards.

– When Coop Prix opened a store right next to us this summer, the situation was optimal. After that time, we have used the corporate card for almost everything. In a simple way, the monthly invoice shows exactly what we have bought and at what price. The way the Coop corporate card works is superb for us. I have never before experienced such orderliness in relation to a payment card with a credit limit, says Aarvik.

In order to keep track of which of the employees buys what, each individual must identify himself by name in addition to using the card’s pin code. The user for each transaction is clearly stated on the invoice, which gives up to 56 days’ interest-free credit.

As department manager, Christine Aarvik happily praises how Coop corporate cards simplify administration for her, including in the form of receipt-free use. She does not have to deal with receipts for every little transaction.

– Fuel from Circle K also comes on the same invoice as everything else, and at the same time we also save a lot of money on the agreement. With discounts of 56 øre and 52 øre per liter for diesel and petrol respectively, this amounts to a significant saving when we know that we fill approximately seven tanks weekly. And if there is a need to use the corporate card for other goods and services at Circle K, it is entirely possible. And everything is reflected on the invoice, she says.

– We use the corporate card mostly for food at Coop Prix, but it is very nice to be able to shop with it in other places too, for example we can buy small and large building materials at Coop Note! Build, says Christine Aarvik.

In addition to the discount agreement at all Circle K stations, Coop corporate cards also give fuel discounts at the Circle K-operated chains 1-2-3 and Best.
At Coop you can shop for building materials, electronics, office supplies and groceries with a Coop corporate card. It can also be used for food in Coop’s various serving concepts.