If the Coop corporate card is used when buying lunch for canteens, nurseries and other businesses, a lot of time – and voucher frustration – can be saved without compromising the taste.

By using the Coop corporate card for your purchases, you simplify your purchasing routines as you will receive an invoice twice a month that has been approved as an accounting document. This can save you time on the accounts and will give you a good overview of your company’s lunch expenses.

You will also get access to a specified list of your purchases. This can make it easier for you to set up future purchasing plans, as you can see which products sell a lot – and you can more easily plan your purchases accordingly.

Another advantage of using the card for daily purchases is that it is possible to link several cards to one account. As each card is linked to a separate ID, you can easily keep track even in those cases where you do not have a joint lunch or a joint budget. As in those cases where it is necessary for the employees to buy their own lunch, or you want to link the purchase to one of your own projects. Everything easily registered on your invoice and on “My page”.

Coop business cards can of course be used at all Coop stores. You can choose for yourself whether you want to do your shopping at our fast and simple grocery stores, at one of our larger stores with a fresh produce counter and exotic options, or at one of our stores open on Sundays. Here, it is only your taste that decides – it should not be on the product selection.

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