Beate Spartveit cut expenses.

That’s why she jumped at the electricity offer from Coop and Entelios.


– When I received an email from Coop about the new electricity offer, I was immediately interested. I compared with our existing agreement, and it would be cheaper for us to use Entelios, says Beate Spartveit. She has run the Fanavollen family nursery since 2011, and since 2012 the nursery has had a Coop corporate card.

Entelios offers Coop business customers a very favorable electricity agreement.

– The electricity agreement gives us a good price and, in addition, the electricity is green and environmentally friendly. Thinking green is something we are concerned with here at the nursery, says Spartveit.


The kindergarten thinks green

The children are experts at recycling and masters at picking up rubbish, or bosses as they call it in Bergen.

– When the children see something lying on the ground, they tell us adults and don’t leave until it has been picked up, says Spartveit.

The kindergarten is located in rural surroundings in Fana in Bergen. The ten children in the nursery come from the local area and have a large playground outside.


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