If you use your Coop corporate card when you fill up with fuel at Circle K and Best, you can save a lot of money.

If a company drives a total of 3,000 miles a year, over a thousand kroner is actually saved. If you ensure that you have an extra card in the car, it is easier to remember to use it every time you top up. As they say, money saved is money earned.

Here is the calculation:

3000 miles x 0.7 liters per mile = 2100 liters
2100 litres x NOK 0.6 discount = NOK 1260 saved

Full control

In addition to the fixed fuel discounts in the card, you will also get good control over which card is used in the detailed receipt overview. In this way, you can easily keep control of the company’s budget.

Fixed discounts*:

Diesel 60 øre per litre
Petrol 57 øre per litre
Plant diesel 100 øre per litre
Incl. VAT

*The discounts are inclusive of VAT and cannot be combined with other offers. 20 øre lower discount on vending machines/unattended stations.

Need more cards?

You can easily order cards via My page, or by contacting customer service on phone 66 85 86 55 or by e-mail to coop@ikano.no. Remember that the credit limit is combined for all the cards, so should there be a need to increase this, this must be informed when ordering. Our corporate card customers get up to 50 days of interest-free credit.