H. Woxen is supervisor at Maren’s bakery in Inderøy, and says that they have used Coop corporate cards for as long as they can remember.

Safe and easy

Flyndra AS is a qualification company, which works to place people in roles with tasks that the local community needs. The company works with many different people with different tasks, and one of their services is Maren’s bakery.

– We have a card that is easily accessible at all times. With us, there are many different people who use the card, based on the tasks they have and what they need. Such a card therefore makes it very safe and easy for us, says Woxen.

Good selection

Woxen says that they use Coop corporate cards especially in connection with grocery shopping, and that most purchases are added to Extra.

According to the supervisor, it is both about the store’s location and a very good selection of goods.

– At Extra we find slightly more special goods that we cannot find at our other typical wholesale suppliers. For example, we make a portion that is supposed to be gluten-free. Extra has a very good selection of it, and we are also very satisfied with the good service we experience when we visit the store.

Overview with invoice

As a corporate card customer at Coop, Maren’s bakery receives an invoice every 14 days. Woxen says that these invoices make it much easier to keep track of the purchases that are made.

– It is very simple and comprehensive for us to get everything on one and the same invoice. Especially since so many people use the card. We also don’t have to think about cash and receipts, she says.