We know that many companies only have one Coop corporate card which the employees share. This may mean that the company cannot use the fuel discount at Circle K, because one card is in the wrong vehicle or is left at the office.

If desired, a company can have up to ten cards per account. A company can also have several accounts, which can be practical in relation to large projects or for companies with several units. Several accounts can also simplify administration in the company (among other things when certifying invoices).

There are several advantages to having multiple cards. Among other things, it gives an even better overview of who buys what, because on My Side Bedrift it appears which card has been in use.

We therefore recommend that you order several cards from us if you have several users of the card, it is free.

  • Save money
  • Better overview

Order more cards by 66 85 86 55 or send an e-mail to coop@ikano.no.