Many companies flag that they are willing to go the extra mile for the customer. At the telephone company Talkmore Bedrift, they mean what they say.

The small company in the center of Oslo was recently named the mobile company with the most satisfied and loyal business customers by EPSI* , for the fourth consecutive year. Why? There are several reasons for that, says managing director Christel Borge.

*EPSI Rating is a provider of independent customer satisfaction analyses, and is an external auditor of the customer base. EPSI collects, analyzes and disseminates information about customers’ expectations, perceived quality and valuation of products and services.

– Our goals are that we should be easy to deal with, deliver good quality at low prices, be reliable and see each and every customer. We are also the only mobile company without hidden fees, why should the customer pay a fee to receive the invoice by e-mail? That’s why it was great fun that we scored so high on both simplicity, reliability and product quality, says Christel and smiles broadly.

The managing director emphasizes that the EPSI award does not mean that they are relaxing. On the contrary, the company uses this as a motivation to constantly become simpler and better.

As a Coop company customer, you can get a 15% discount on the invoice from Talkmore Bedrift. Call Talkmore Bedrift’s friendly customer service on tel. 06020 and we will help you transfer to the company’s mobile company.

Gives the customer that little extra

Christel emphasizes that the customer is always the main focus. She says that the company has no lock-in period, which means that they always have to work to earn the customer’s trust.

How far can you go for the customer?

Christel laughs.

– Yes, I have a pretty good example here. We had a customer who was on the train and was going on a business trip. The customer had ported to us the same day, but the post office had not arrived with a new SIM card yet, and was completely dependent on a working mobile phone during the journey. What one of our customer service employees then did was find out which carriage he was in and when the train passed Oslo S. Then she ran from our office in Rosenkrantzgate down to Oslo S, found the correct carriage and gave the new SIM card in passing. The customer was delighted and made it to work with a working SIM card. That is what I call stretching a little further, she says happily.

She adds that she thinks the customer notices that they care a little extra.

– Otherwise we would not have won EPSI four years in a row.

Grows almost daily

What makes a CEO happy?

– Every morning, before I’m even in the office, I check how many customers we have, answers Christel enthusiastically.

Why that?

– Because we grow almost every single day! It’s incredibly fun to follow along and see that more and more people believe in us.

– In addition, I must mention all my fine colleagues. We have a young and positive environment in the office. Walking around the office landscape is just so much fun, because you constantly hear things like now.

She points to the half-open door to the office landscape.

“There’s no problem, you know, we’ll fix it!”, we hear someone from customer service say.

– Who wouldn’t be motivated by that, laughs Christel.

Want to know more? Take a look at Talkmore Bedrift or contact Talkmore Bedrift’s friendly customer service on 06020.