– We have used Coop corporate cards since it was launched, and are happy to recommend it to our customers. The biggest advantage of the card is that you get a consolidated invoice that is approved as a voucher! It saves both us and the customers a lot of time, says Rita Enoksen.

Accountant Rita Enoksen speaks with great conviction. She and her husband run Enoksen’s accounts in Trondheim and are very satisfied users of Coop corporate cards. We use the card to buy everything we need for the company, such as lunch, overtime food, office supplies, washing-up powder, soap and toilet rolls. The invoice comes once a month, and the good thing is that it contains all the information required by the bookkeeping regulations. In this way, we avoid having to deal with a lot of receipts.

Enoksen chuckles and continues: Anyone who does accounting knows how confusing it can be with all the receipts. It takes a lot of time to find out who did what and how. Have they used money from the company’s cash register, used the company’s bank card or posted it themselves? The vouchers often have to be booked individually, and that also takes time… One of the most costly things is receipts that have been lost. It happens often, and the hours fly by! There is nothing as expensive as missing vouchers! Both because it takes time to call for them and look for them, but also because you don’t get a cost deduction when purchase documentation is missing.

We have used the Coop corporate card since it was launched, and are happy to recommend it to our customers.
– Rita Enoksen, Accountant at Enoksen Regnskap

All this is avoided if you shop with a Coop corporate card, says Enoksen. Although the invoices from Coop corporate cards are approved as attachments, she recommends her customers introduce work-saving routines when they use the card. The more cards a company has, the more important it is to state the name, department number or project name when shopping. Then it will be easier for us who run accounts! Otherwise, I can say that you can safely trust that Coop’s calculations are correct. I have a habit of checking the receipts against the monthly invoices, and as long as we have used Coop corporate cards I have not discovered any errors!