You thought perhaps all power in Norway was renewable? Unfortunately, this is not the case, because even though we have hydropower in Norway, the electricity mix that goes to Norwegian consumers is mixed with fossil power.

In NVE’s annual ware declaration you will find the overview of which sources the electricity comes from, if you buy the usual electricity mix, and have not covered the consumption through so-called guarantees of origin.

Guaranteed renewable electricity with guarantees of origin

The guarantee of origin scheme is an EU scheme that gives you the opportunity to document that the equivalent amount of power that you buy is produced based on only renewable energy sources.

Power purchases with a guarantee of origin contribute to financing the production of renewable energy, while at the same time increasing the demand for renewable energy. With this, renewable energy sources can help outcompete fossil power sources.

You can help influence

This scheme is important: it gives you as a consumer the opportunity to reward renewable energy production so that it becomes more profitable than production from fossil energy sources. In this way, the scheme ensures increased consumer power and strengthens the profitability of renewable energy.

This means that you can influence future power production by entering into an electricity agreement with 100% renewable electricity. The market for guarantees of origin for electricity is experiencing favorable prices now, and Entelios has taken advantage of economies of scale by purchasing 100% renewable electricity for all customers.

As a Coop corporate card customer, we can offer a very favorable electricity agreement from Entelios including 100% renewable electricity. Click here to read more and order for your company.