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Please see frequently asked questions and answers if you need help, if you do not find an answer to what you need help with, use the contact form below.

On “My Account” you can block cards, order a new card, order a new code and view all transactions. The card can be used in all Coop stores, Circle K and Best.

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Phone: 66 85 86 55

Weekdays 09.00–17.00.

The customer center is operated by our partner Ikano Bank

Common questions and answers

Here you can find answers to many of the questions that may arise regarding Coop business cards.

Coop company card is an invoicing solution for all entrepreneurs, organisations, teams and associations, as well as public agencies and businesses. To apply for the card, there must be a publicly registered organisation number.
The card can be used in all Coop’s stores and warehouses, as well as at Cirkle K and Best.
Register your company as a Coop member, and you will receive purchase dividends. Purchase dividend is a given percentage which is determined by the various cooperatives.
No, you do not pay an annual fee for today’s Coop corporate card.

Those of our customers who have chosen to keep the old version of the product pay an annual fee of NOK 120.

This can be done by the previous contact person. The agreement must be updated by persons with signature rights, who are often the general manager or managing director. Only these have the right to confirm or change the agreement.
We must have a signature from a person with signature rights, a power of attorney or a power of attorney.
Contact customer service and we will send you an application form.

The application is filled in with the company’s contact details: Organization number, invoice address, number of cards, desired credit limit, contact person, etc. The application must be signed by a person with signature rights. The application is then sent back with a copy of identification witnessed by two people.

The message is for information only. Click forwards in the application if you need more accounts on the same organization number.

Your company can easily apply for a higher credit limit.

With Coop business you can have up to NOK 300,000 in credit per account and up to 10 cards per account. To get increased credit, apply for more cards or accounts, contact Coop bedrift customer service +47 66 85 86 55 or fill in the contact form.

No, it costs nothing to order a new card or PIN code.
If you enter the wrong PIN code three times, the card will be blocked. Contact customer service to lift the block. If you still do not remember the code, a new code can be ordered from customer service.
Your company can have several accounts, or link up to ten cards to one account. You can easily arrange this on My Page or by contacting us.

In the case of several cards on one account, these can be used together for purchases up to the approved credit limit per month.

We send the card and PIN to the invoice address. Contact customer service if you have any questions.
When purchasing on an established account, the Coop corporate card must always be used and the PIN code must be entered. If you do not remember the PIN code, a new PIN code can be ordered on “My page” or by contacting Ikano Bank. You will receive it within about 7 days.
Call 66 85 86 55 or fill out our contact form. The blocking service is open weekdays from 09:00 to 23:00, and Saturdays from 09:00 to 21:00.
Payments registered after invoicing will appear on the monthly invoice. The amount paid can be deducted from the invoice.
Invoice dates are the 1st and 15th of each month, with a 32-day payment deadline.
Return of goods takes place in the store where the goods were purchased. The return is credited to the company account and will be visible on the next invoice.
Any complaints for errors in purchased goods, missing or delayed delivery are directed to the point of sale where the goods were purchased. The return is credited to the company’s account and is visible on the next invoice.
You can link your account to electronic invoicing by filling in our contact form.
If you have forgotten the password to My Account, contact us at coop@ikano.no, or by phone + 47 66 85 86 55.
Our online bank is called My Account. On My Side you have a running overview of your Coop business card account. It is temporarily not possible to transfer money via My Page. The password for logging in is noted on the invoice and the username is the same as the card number for the card user, and the agreement number for the contact person.

Login for the account’s contact person. Has access to all functionality on My Page.
Login for the account’s cardholders. Has limited access to the functionality on My Page.

  • EHF invoice
  • E-invoice, pdf by e-mail
  • Paper invoice by post

Does your company want EHF or e-invoice? Please contact Coop business card customer service on phone 66 85 86 55 or by filling in our contact form.

You log in here with your username and password.

The username is the agreement number (for the contact person) and the card number (for the cardholder). The 16-digit card number can be found on the card itself. You can find the password on each invoice or by filling in our contact form.

If you log in with an agreement number, you get access to transactions on all cards associated with the agreement, as well as the invoice archive. If you log in with the card number, you only get access to the transactions that have been carried out on the card number you are logged in with. The invoice archive is then not available.

If you have forgotten the password to My Page, fill in our contact form or call us on 66 85 86 55.
Transactions (the account’s cardholder(s) only have access to their own transactions)
Retrieve transactions by selecting from and to date. You get access to transactions 5 years back in time. Outstanding amounts and available credit are also visible.

Invoice hotel
Here you can access all invoices the company has received in the last 24 months.

Block and order cards
Here cards can be blocked and new ones ordered. The account’s contact person can order more cards and block all cards associated with the account. The cardholder can only block and order his own card.

Order PIN code
Here, a new PIN code can be ordered directly on the page.

Change contact information
Here, the contact person can change the company’s address, e-mail address and telephone number.

Contact customer service
If you have questions about the invoice or general questions about the Coop business card, you can easily fill in a contact form on My Side. You will receive a response within 2 working days.

If you mark purchases/receipts systematically in the till, it is easy to extract relevant purchases and invoice the customer. The staff in the cash register mark the receipt at the request of the purchaser.
Each invoice is available on My Account for 24 months.
If receipts are marked in a systematic way, it is easy to keep track of consumption. On My Account, the company has a full overview at bong level. My Account can also be used by any external accounting firm for easy and direct access to the figures.