Together with Å Entelios, we now offer a very affordable electricity agreement to our Coop corporate card customers. Through management, Å Entelios trades electricity on behalf of its customers, which results in a low price over time*.

*In the last five years, the management has beaten the market in terms of price.

The agreement is based on the product “Smart price” where members of COOP Bedrift get active and professional management included in the price. The agreement is based on spot price delivery, but through active management (financial price hedging and trading), Å Entelios as a supplier aims to deliver prices that are below the market spot price. Å Entelios has beaten the spot price for the past five years and secured our customers the best price on the market.

Å Entelios offers 100% renewable energy

In addition to a favorable price, you can ensure a smaller carbon footprint from your company through the fact that the electricity you buy comes from Norwegian hydropower plants and is 100% renewable.

The offer requires a valid Coop corporate card. Not a corcporate card customer? Apply for the card here.

Order electricity for your company

  • No monthly fixed amount
  • Spot price
  • Administration surcharge 0.5 øre / kWh
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • We share any profit from trading in the market with your company
  • Profiling package includes three 100% renewable electricity-signs for your office
  • Full overview on My Page at Å Entelios

How to get started?

Talk to a adviser at Å Entelios and they will take care of the rest.
The offer requires a valid Coop corporate card.