Together with Entelios, we now offer a very affordable electricity agreement to our Coop corporate card customers. Through management, Entelios trades electricity on behalf of its customers, which results in a low price over time*.

*In the last ten years, the management has beaten the market in terms of price.

In addition to a favorable price, you ensure a smaller climate footprint from your company through the fact that the electricity you buy is included with a 100% renewable guarantee. We believe this is a good reason to be proud of and therefore your company gets a profiling package with 100% renewable electricity – badges for your premises.

As a customer of Entelios you get

  • Spot price
  • Administrative surcharge 0.5 øre/kWh
  • No monthly fixed amount
  • We share any profit from the trade in the market with your company
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Profiling package incl. 3 pcs 100% renewable electricity – brands for your premises
  • Full overview on My Page at Entelios

How to get started?

Talk to a adviser at Entelios, or order direct and they will take care of the rest.
The offer requires a valid Coop corporate card.

Not a corporate card customer? Apply for the card here.