Electricity prices are constantly in motion and are affected by many factors in the market. With an electricity agreement that is quality assured by COOP, you now have access to one of the market’s best electricity agreements. The agreement includes active management where the aim is to give you a lower price over time.

Active management ensures a lower price

Entelios is Norway’s largest supplier of electricity to the business market, and has a unique expertise in the market that benefits its customers. Through active management, Entelios trades electricity on behalf of its customers directly in the wholesale electricity market, which has resulted in noticeable savings over many years. By pooling the volume for several SMEs, Entelios can negotiate better prices in the market.

Get economies of scale through a favorable electricity agreement

Coop company Electricity agreement is a very favorable agreement where your company gets active, professional management included in the price. The agreement is based on spot price delivery, but through active management, Entelios as a supplier has a goal of delivering prices that are below the spot price. In the last ten years, this management product has provided an electricity price that has been, on average, far lower than the spot price for its customers.

With the electricity agreement Coop business Electricity Agreement, we give small and medium-sized businesses access to economies of scale and active financial management that over time gives you the best price.

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