Get financial control in the nursery with Coop corporate card

Kindergartens usually need to shop more often than other businesses. Then it can be extra useful with a Coop corporate card, which makes it easy to keep control. All employees can then have their own card, but the purchases come together on one invoice – straight into the accounting system.

And last but not least, here you get a card that you can use to buy most of what you need, from bananas to building materials.

In Fanavollen Barnehage, general manager Beate Spartveit and the other employees use the corporate card to buy food and household items at Extra just below the ground and equipment for the outdoor area at Obs BYGG.

– It is incredibly convenient for us to use the corporate card. All employees can use the card and I get an overview of what has been bought, says Spartveit.

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Kvinne som stolt viser frem Coop bedrift kort

As the surname might suggest, Beate Spartveit in the Danavollen family nursery has a good sense of saving money. And she does that with a Coop corporate card!

Covers most of the nursery’s needs

When both small and large wishes are to be taken care of, there can quickly become many needs that must be met. At least it’s not all places where you need to build dollhouses, cook lunch and keep accounts on the same day! Coop corporate cards make it a little easier to balance everyday life and simplify purchases, whatever the purpose. Here you can shop for some of Norway’s cheapest food products and find everything you need at Norway’s largest low-cost building materials chain.

Accounting that runs by itself

In the nursery, you can decide for yourself how many cards you want to have. In any case, the invoice comes together and gives the person responsible a full overview of what was traded, at what time. With receipt-free trading, you don’t have to keep the pile of receipts in order and the invoice goes straight into your accounting system. It makes it easier to keep an overview when there is a lot of shopping, in different places.

We cannot promise you full control over everything in the nursery, with a Coop corporate card you at least get a full overview of the finances.

Save money on other benefits

With a corporate card in Coop, it’s not just order in things that helps. You also get several other benefits that the nursery can benefit from. Among other things, you get a discount at Circle K, a 15% discount on subscriptions at Talkmore and a favorable price on 100% renewable electricity at Entelios.

It was important when Fanavollen family nursery school decided to get a Coop corporate card.

– I compared with our existing agreement, and it would be cheaper for us to use Entelios,says Spartveit.

To kredittkort med overliggende Coop Bedrift logo

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